Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wanderers 2010.6.22

By L. Taylor / Biogem
The elders have assembled. Some exotic piece of electronic equipment is being dissected on the table. These denizens of machine world speak knowledgeably of the guts within. I blog, sip some red wine.

Next up: pictures of Antarctica, projected large. Allen Taylor is here, has visited that continent, classified as a desert. It's also quite high (quite mountainous). Don had chosen this topic. Would the global U site any domed-over campuses in this area?

Lynne Taylor (not related to Allen) is explaining each of her pictures (applause). She sold the one on the meeting room wall during the retreat and is replacing it, having asked us to vote on the discussion list, which one to bring. She picked one I like, displayed above.

Concern about the BP bleed runs high, on the list also.

Earlier today:

The Synergeo board has been lit up with activity, as I test the waters regarding my new counter to the Bucky Embargo (aka the Bucky Boycott).

Taking a page from Phil Zimmerman of PGP fame, who exported early public key utilities from New Zealand (messing up the NSA's tentative plan to keep that GHCQ thing classified) I'm thinking maybe Cuba, as a base for exporting Mites, Sytes and Kites as geometrical / educational toyz, not unlike Yoshimoto's and Huntar Mag-Blocs.

Universities in Canada might serve as intermediaries? The toyz could be rebranded with patriotic themes and used to supply the USA public behind the scenes, over the objections of various "corporate persons" (a native superstition kept alive as if by magic -- cite Voodoo Economics).

Living standards would improve, as students got a better grip and sharper picture on spatial geometry + geography.

The plot thickens when I bring in Ben and Jerry's as a possible test co-operative (vs. corporation). Product might be made locally, for delivery on bike trailer in some cases, to Fast Food Free Zones (the whole island if the health care system stays healthy).

My working hypothesis is that Unilever, being European, is free to join the Vatican in supporting "church bingo". I realize that's pretty abbreviated. More on Synergeo.

On Facebook, I was suggesting that liberal Friends have no problem with the "novus ordo eye" (on the dollar bill) being an Eye of Horus.

We don't insist that the one Biblical God be the only all-seeing, are willing to share among the many ethnicities. Per Dr. Bronner, it's all one in any case.

Anyway, Egyptian Math is pretty cool, and an Eye of Horus matches the pyramid theme.