Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Architect

We're meeting with John Driscoll today, thanks to Dr. Nick. Chance of Rain, now Magnolia, was our venue (just off 32nd & Hawthorne). John has bicycled across North America, from Boston to Astoria (as Sam Lanahan has, going the other direction). More recently, he rode from Bolinas CA to Vancouver BC. He pulls a bike trailer. I need to introduce him to resident faculty (see below).

John has been living at the doorstep of a GMO HQS in the Netherlands, in a former fishing village north of Amsterdam. We discussed world food policies and the pervasive corruption of science.

John's idea for hexagonal parking lots is interesting. We discussed the commercial, for some electric car company that shall go nameless in this context. Glenn spelled out some connected ideas, which he's been kicking around with the Bonnie Slope people (Buzz et al). Glenn also explained the Flextegrity product.

Global U rad math teacher LinZ showed up between assignments before our meeting was over and asked John questions about cross-country biking, including through Central and South America. She was hit by a car yesterday, sustained contusions, plus the bike itself (Dawn's favorite) was rendered unridable (bent frame).

LinZ resourcefully scrounged a loaner from the bike collective in order to perform assigned duties this morning, which involved pulling a trailer. She is now patching holes in her clothing from the crash, plans on building another bike from scratch this afternoon with help from the resident mechanic.

She's starting with a quality frame rescued from a garden (freely offered via the Internet) some ten months ago; is also hoping to maybe learn some new horticultural skills from the herbalist who hit her, in trade.

All members of this household have by now been in serious accidents with motor vehicles. I'm grateful we're going by train on our next trip out of town. I'm developing a healthy hatred for car driving, given the lifestyles it spawns.

The new campus facilities we'd like to build will not be premised on such a heavy use of fuel oil.

Wasting energy connotes a low subcultural IQ, a substandard curriculum.

Intelligently designed communities provide students with opportunities to walk their talk, promote internal consistency, do not instill hypocrisy as an academic virtue.

Some trucking companies are moving to better optimization algorithms (I was just viewing a demo last week, written in FoxPro), even as people think twice about mindlessly rewarding Obnoxico's "less with more" behaviors.

An economic "system" that rewards squandering is not really a "system" to begin with.