Friday, February 26, 2010


I've been summoned by my tribe to account for myself before the elders. My bags are packed, and I'm loaded down with electronics (actually, not so much, just the laptop and still digicam, the Olympus 720 SW I've been using all these years). I'm already on the road, at a first wifi stop. We won't reach our destination, in a remote part of Oregon, until well after darkness. I may not have wifi.

I left the workspace in the hands of my capable deputies, Tara at the helm. This is by invitation and on scholarship, so I'm not draining the household budget overly much. Tara's ski trip was also on scholarship, which I'm grateful about (check deposited today).

Last night, I conversed with Edward Cherlin on two different publicly archived lists, edu-sig and mathfuture. As usual, I'm busy connecting the dots even where others would disconnect them. Corporate personhood? Grunch of Giants helped kick that off. Are philosophers well enough read to even get that bit into their story? Some of them are, yes. We're not all quacks in this neck of the woods. Princeton has its pride.