Thursday, February 04, 2010

Reviewing the News

TIME Magazine has taken a respectable cover guy and rebranded him a "nutjob". Actually, the writer (a good one) has it both ways: "Designer-genius R. Buckminster Fuller was one of the century's great nutjobs, a walking unorthodoxy..."

"Unorthodoxy" is particularly apropos of course, given Fuller's long-running battle with the perpendicularist school. "Ortho" denotes perpendicularity, as when standing upright. However on some Little Prince planet of tiny radius, even neighbors and friends would obviously not be sharing the same sense of "up"; which reminds us that "normal" means "outwardly divergent from a center" -- more like grad in electrostatics.

I'm glad the Afghanistan president got to walk around a bazaar, yak with the yokels, share tea, swap stories, all without big security headaches. Just another normal day in the neighborhood. We like days like those.

Closer to home, we slapped a Kill the Death Penalty sticker on the art car, magnetic, so mostly a photo op. This complements my Quakers Play Quake bumper sticker (not shown) in that it plays on the edge of inward and outward violence. Jiffy Lube kindly tightened the serpentine belt on her yesterday.

Jumping to WDC, some squibs in the news regarding BFI and Arena Theater gearing up in partnership. Back to the opening paragraph, this is about the D.W. Jacobs play that worked its magic in Portland in 2008. The Dymaxion Car gets some focus, amongst many other inventions, including rowing needles.