Monday, February 15, 2010

More Projects

:: circling a sun ::

Tara is under pressure at school to do some video production, but we're not a Mac family. My Ubuntu Starling, though cute and professional, is not designed for that purpose. It might run Audacity though (does) and multi-track editing is a fun thing to do. I'll let her take it to school. The Flextegrity unit, on the other hand, Win7 w/ VirtualBox with Ubuntu, stays chained to my wrist, figuratively speaking. Proprietary data.

Joan Baez on CD this evening. Tara and I did some Python + VPython, projecting on the living room wall.

The quick debriefing on functions, followed by Dog and Snake as both subclasses of Animal, left us with questions about how to do something graphical, not just lexical.

I booted VPython and we proceeded to explore with the Sphere object. One thing led to another and before long we had a Earth and Mars going. I went on ahead with the trig part, importing cos, sin and radians. This was more teacher prep.

This was like our first official Python lesson. Here are a couple screen shots, code by me:

:: Snake and Dog as subclasses of Animal ::

:: playing with Vpython ::