Sunday, December 13, 2009

High Stress

My daughter was hit in the crosswalk, is OK though sore, bruised, went over the hood apparently. I have the name of the driver. She called me from her babysitting assignment, not from the scene of the crime. I'm shaken.

Thank you to the cast at Duke's Landing for just hanging out tonight. I showed Troy my Digital Math pages and talked to Mike D. about Ed Cherlin's knowing about some APL for the XO. Mike is interested.

Wave to Evelyn.

Patrick walked Tara home and we had a long talk in my driveway, Lindsey there too. I thank my friends for their support.

I'm glum about my career as a "Bucky stuff" teacher.

Let's get it on big screens in coffee shops and places, use it to sell stuff if we have to, call it advertising, pays for itself. Rah, rah.

Nah, that's too hard, we're too busy being Capitalists or whatever.

Good stuff though.