Thursday, December 03, 2009

Helping Vets

I just got one of those NGO calls raising money for disabled vets with spinal cord injuries. The implication was the government is doing rather too little to assist its people in need, and that vets need to go begging to the private sector, hoping for supplemental assistance.

To me, this is proof positive the government shouldn't be sending these people in the first place, given how little it does for them out the other end. Squandering soldiers for ill-defined plans is what the fight is about in the first place, what we need to stop doing.

Government benefits for veterans with such injuries should constitute full coverage with ample access by TV networks, Red Cross etc., for quality assurance purposes. A nation that keeps secrets about vet treatment is just as likely to keep secrets about torture overseas. Such a nation has been subverted by criminal syndicates (e.g. Al Qaeda, Mafia etc.), a cue for police action. Let's help our vets.