Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanderers 2009.10.27

This was a good session. Allen Taylor swung by. I entered late, having watched CBS, and Taylor hit me with Python vs. PHP questions. I paraphrased Michelle Rowley saying PHP was more of a pajama language, good for slumming in bathrobe and slippers.

Lindsey made an appearance mid stream, met Allen. They got heavy into SQL-speak, mixed with BI, went out on the porch to finish their business, both getting cell calls. She pushed on to find her David Bowie movie at Movie Madness.

We had a new neighbor come through, a dog runner by trade, didn't need any wine or coffee. He was very welcome among us, fed the discussion.

My main obsession, one of them, was my interest in soldering a specific capacitor to a circuit board in a broken DVD player, impressed with my discovery [philosophy link] via Google of a cultic inner circle able to address this problem by replacing a certain capacitor. Bill Shepard volunteered to bring a kit. I need to grab the capacitor itself.

Lindsey is a rock musician, so even if it's an effete dainty setting, this is gonna be rock 'n roll, so we'll need to pop the top on the piano forte, mic the place, use some amps. Yes, in the field traveling, you might not have Goa-style equipment, but if you're lucky enough to have access, don't squander the opportunity. I said at Whole Foods that I appreciated her attitude in this regard (and I do -- artists ply their art, me no exception).

After hours, Barry elaborated on printed circuit board technology, which I found interesting.

I still need to find some cough meds for Tara at Safeway. Thinking about Nirel too, their adventure. Left voicemail with TC. Tea sometime, watch a movie.

I accompanied mom to UPS store today. She's been offered an intern, which seems like a good idea. Her work level at 80, frequent flights to the "other coast", is somewhat Lance Armstrong or Roz Savage in my book of records. I'm a proud son in that regard.