Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wanderers 2009.10.21

About ten of us are sitting around the Pauling House table, yakking about Richard Feynman a lot. Steve Mastin knew him personally. We're also talking about bias versus prejudice, their various connotations. I'm not taking the lead in these discussions, am relatively quiet. Bias relates to "lawn bowling" in some contexts.

Earlier we discussed the hidden military draft in the form of "stop loss" where individuals are lured into military service then kept in servitude long past the time they expected to be set free. The USA has never found a way to really do without slavery, just keeps changing the terminology. Imprisoning so-called "illegals" and making them work for task masters is another way that it's done.

Michael Hagmeier has joined us today. Social networking software was another big topic (Buzz taking the lead -- as a former radio jock and repentant conservative, he has a lot to say about creating buzz). I invited folks to the upcoming Elevated Coffee and Muddy Waters events, will follow-up on the e-group.

From Synergeo today (hyperlink to BFI thread added):
Bridging the C.P. Snow chasm is the goal. Have people well versed in the humanities, like Hugh Kenner, also following scientific literature thanks to a heightened visual imagination, and upgraded philosophical language, with Synergetics one important influence among others.

Over-specialization is what Fuller thought was leading us closest to the brink (oblivion). The great pirates had done all this divide and conquer work (goes the myth [0]) but then couldn't keep a grip when science went into the invisible realm (99% of phenomena not directly apprehensible to the human senses). So the specialists inherited the store, while the generalists pretty much died out. We lost the comprehensivist viewpoints in large degree. We're paying a heavy price for that.


[0] myth doesn't mean lie or falsehood. For further reading:
The tiny moderated diversity list in Python Nation is contemplating a parallel more open SIG (special interest group) that'd accommodate a more technical approach to the issues. We might get away from English as somehow the one official language. The age of Unicode (versus ASCII) is already well under way. Carl Trachte and I (among others) have been brainstorming a way ahead.

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