Thursday, October 01, 2009

Club Scene

At Home on Stage
We were lucky to find parking right in front of The Red Cap downtown, a handsome establishment catering mostly to queer customers (a "gay bar"). The sound system and dance space were recently overhauled and proved more than adequate.

Lindsey was in her element, the paramilitary engineer in costume, delivering a strong performance. She wasn't there to hunt for girlfriends though. In this chapter she's all business, a professional revolutionary, kinda like me (just the driver, but I have some friends in high places... or something).

Although I'd emailed Dr. Tag about the gender bender nature of this fundraiser (she's a professor of gender studies), I didn't even wear my Python fleece (stayed more with the professor look), so any pretense to being a diversity expert from the PSF was mostly a head trip (I did get some compliments though, from a cute girl in black boots).

As the chauffeur, I'm not obligated to stay through gigs. LW is one autonomous individual and knows the bar scene way better than I do. That I stayed the whole time was more a result of just enjoying myself (coulda gone to Powell's nearby).

The laser light show had me thinking of the planetarium at OMSI and Joe Clinton's crusade to get every high school in America equipped with some kind of planetarium gizmo. That's probably more practical than my crusade: to build overnight facilities in the high desert and places and run geography-geometry students through a queue in large numbers (picture Detroit). Stellarium and Celestia are the two open source products I often mention at this juncture.

I had a good talk with James, a talented artist who stares mortality in the face, has seen gazillions of movies, likes to frequent happy hours like at Jake's (me too -- lets do that guy!). James used to be Claire, and Will before that. There's a documentary on the Will-to-Claire transition, one hour long, already on the art film circuit, made by an accomplished music video director breaking ground in this genre. I'm looking forward to seeing it (it's on my schedule).

James has been doing the Lindsey Walker posters, building up a signature portfolio before plying his skills in LA. He's an accomplished karaoke DJ, which is saying a lot as karaoke is a prime participatory sport accessible to the mainstream, a vehicle for self expression that keeps music pumping through our cultural arteries (without which, they'd likely harden and die).

Speaking of gay bars, Josh wrote to correct one of my blog posts and to announce he's about ready to pack his young family into a jet bound for Australia, to take on coding a lesbian dating service in Ruby. That sounds like a great adventure. Although I lived in the Philippines for a number of years, was an avid scuba diver for awhile, I never got further south than Bali in that hemisphere.

Lindsey Walker Banana Poster