Sunday, August 30, 2009

Memory Lane

We had a meeting of Oversight Committee tonight at the meeting house. When AFSC came up, I tripped down memory lane, waving at the double doors to where the Portland Office used to be in the early 1960s, at the height of the civil rights movement.

Silicon Forest
had a hand in these doings, plus Ava and Linus were feeding WILPF with some of the scandalous details regarding Americans being poisoned. Or maybe they weren't the source -- I'm not the historian here.

Later in the meeting, I reminisced about the Salvador Dali painting (a print of course), down in the library adjoining the meeting room. Upstairs was the more attic like area where we engaged in brainwashing the young (e.g. me) in First Day school.

I was yakking with Steve about this First Day, Second Day... convention, imposed by a puritanical (fanatical) wing of our sect, paranoid about saying Moon Day (Monday) or anything so pagan or even wiccan sounding (shudder). Of course we make fun of that now, in part by continuing to use the old locutions in passing.

I'm glad we're doing a body mapping type class led by Susan, one of our skilled. She uses this technique to support musicians, but not everyone who benefits must be a musician. Quakers need to "get off it" with music more (not that we don't have some good ones).

Bare Bones