Sunday, August 02, 2009

Buried Treasure!

bucky combo - quick pass from michelle on Vimeo.

This is a slower moving game based on the National Treasure concept of hidden and/or secret knowledge, embedded by a higher civilization (e.g. 1776's). We focus on the Forbidden Math theme, as a goal here is to learn some real math skills.

So, for example, we take you to this underground middle school where 6th graders contravene the authoritative textbooks and furtively mass produced left and right handed A mods, engage in cellular automata studies.

The thought police bash through the door, screaming "ETS!" (forbidden math is not on their stupid SAT and/or ACT, and they're insanely pissed off about that). Too late though, the kids were tipped off in advance by a friendly insider (a mole -- looks like a real mole, might be the Disney influence, or Wind in the Willows).

The underground schools interconnect by a maze of tunnels. We also study about B mods, which complement the A mods in having volume 1/24, with two As (a left and a right) and one B (either left or a right) comprising a MITE or tetrahedral space-filler (check Wolfram).