Friday, May 22, 2009

More on Future Shock

I remember when I went to the meetinghouse that time, and the house next store was just a hole in the ground. No, not a drone, a surgical removal by a recycling industry that knew how to save old houses by moving them down the street. I remember CSN CTO Nirel supervising a much bigger move of this nature, in a partially overlapping scenario.

So like today, I escorted dear Carol to our spanking new Fred Meyer, completely rearranged while shoppers went around their business, according to some multi-dimensional critical path developed on a Cray or one of those. She took it all in.

My sonly duties as tour guide ended at the checkout lanes, where management proudly displays its awareness of local history: yes, this used to be Asylum Avenue, thanks to one compassionate Dr. Hawthorne who knew Oregon could really use one (a mental hospital), our Oregon Trail being quite the ordeal and all (some only made it here physically, if you know what I mean).

Now I'm at Fine Grind, catching up on the dailies, lots to read. Democrats not wanting smooth closure funds for Gitmo sounds in alignment with plans. It'll live on as a type of "concentration camp museum" in some necks of the woods, but not necessarily in the current location, which might just have an historical marker, more like Iwo Jima's (too out of the way for most tourists).

Keiko has relieved Chris, is back behind the counter. We're comparing notes again, me wearing my CSN CMO hat (figuratively speaking -- it's too hot for that hat). A siren went by; some emergency vehicle. I've been working on Quaker stuff recently, taking a break from too much computer science mumbo jumbo (lots of AI going around, "toxic assets" a lot of 'em).

We're convening a clearness committee, plus continuing to take credit for making micro-lending the new buzz word among bankers. Helping clients get on their feet, not kicking them when they're down, was a signature strategy of Right Sharing. Those who succeed through your lending, will thank you later, is part of the philosophy.