Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Clowning Around

"cool illusion"
thx to Bill Shepard for link

Thanks to Wikipedia, I no longer think I founded DENSA, even if I founded my own chapter, kept changing what the acronym meant. We were talking about this in the car the other day, enroute to Chang's Mongolian Grill, extending my birthday celebration.

I work against the "absent minded professor" stereotype, try to keep mine present, but today I was staring at some outrageous tattoos and followed her out the door without my $40 cash back. Some lucky stranger was the beneficiary of my losing focus on my finances.

I'd planned my day today then spent it cleaning up messes instead, finding all kinds of stuff I wasn't looking for. Then I discovered my camera was missing. The day got replanned as I obsessed about finding it, which I finally did, face down on the patio, where I'd been yakking out under the stars (on my cell, not to myself exactly).

Wanderers this evening, watching slides from an away team's location scouting (looks lovely, little stream, falls, madrones -- not far from Crater Lake). Don and Glenn went on this trip. I was mostly a homebody this weekend, carrying water for Cyberia (my virtual community). Bill is sitting next to me, surfing, likes Reality Carnival quite a bit. War injuries on PBS; bring the troops home.