Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Parade

:: a memorial day collection ::

I drew us a little CBD this morning (Central Business District), planted some office towers, staged a parade with a Python balloon. This is toontown, so I get away with it, very low budget to boot.

I'm in the parade of course, as a kind of mayor (FOSS boss), a classic montage with this gray haired magistrate, some kind of chief (marketing?), surrounded by devilishly (as in wickedly) badass chyx of some kind, in an art car (clown car?). Lots of all-American motifs, floats 'n stuff.

Portland is moving into this season, what with Rose Festival, various beer blowouts, Gay Pride, and of course July 4. We've already had some fireworks, which I took in rather distally, having a Workingman's Red with Derek @ Bagdad (good beer, even if not free).

I've got some schoolwork today, some chauffeur duty. Like many in the service sector, my R&R isn't necessarily in sync with the local time zone's, except in broad outline i.e. in summer we don't start new wars overseas, keep our guardsmen home to fight forest fires, other domestic duties.

Derek and I were thinking renaming Grand to Chavez, right next to MLK (formerly Union), while moving Grand out to 39th, where grandeur is already a theme, might be the better plan. He was thinking Linus Pauling deserves a street (two Nobel Prizes), but I like just calling ours Pauling Campus (already on Trimet maps as a point of interest).