Saturday, August 02, 2008

Equipment Test

Mom, 78, did marvelously on her giant cot in the Travis's tent, as did we all.

However the rains and temperature were such that we decided this qualified as "not summer camping" even though it's summer.

So I brought them back, dog too, by way of Frys (Hwy 214 through Silverton to Woodburn, then I-5 to Wilsonville), to check on the ailing Sony Vaio, lugged with us, because we took the I-205 route going out, by way of Molalla.

The laptop, mom's main workhorse, had a hard time coming out of hibernation, but did eventually, so good outcome, didn't need to leave it for repairs.

I'm returning to the venue to pick up with the threads around the fire, eat more marshmallows, plus we've had some turnover (e.g. Ron & Liz, Gayle), expecting it'll be fun, has been so far. I've got my own dome, had a wet dog for company.

Anyway, the equipment (much of it purchased at Joe's) performed well, camp stove and everything.

These camp sites are in high demand with most of them booked well in advanced, and so are filled regardless of weather, by families grateful for the opportunity. The trees are really big, the vistas spectacular. This was an annual event for us, so a little rain isn't much of a damper, Pacific Northwesterners that we be.

No wifi, and that's fine with me.