Monday, March 03, 2008

Protein Folding

Top priority this morning was fixing a lesson plan and student handout, making the POSIX commands clearer, based on valuable feedback from test users.

I also posted some writings about calculus, and the importance of algorithms in sparking a Renaissance in Europe awhile back.

Then I met with a teacher, to discuss weighty issues, plus talk about that ferris wheel for canal boats in Scotland (thanks Jim!).

Yakking about kayaks ensued, in a subterranean maze (part of ToonTown).

Back at the office: protein folding on YouTube, checking out the state of the art in low rez.

Ironic that many high school biology students have no access to these films from inside biology class, given onerous school censorship. But hey, there's always playing with Folding@home on the PS3.

Over on edu-sig, I told a funny story about a Quaker MUD I was peripherally involved with (MUD = multi-user domain, early text-based gaming environment).