Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back Early

We enjoyed an abbreviated version of the family retreat this year. My XO proved a big attraction to the kids, which proved triggering to a few parents with luddite tendencies, so I put it away.

Not all Quakers are geeks by any means. Electronics in general are seen as "of the devil" by some, or something like that -- I'm not up on all the latest thinking in Quakerdom, that's for sure.

I made my nest in the cavernous rec room near the wood stove, so I could take in the late night folk singing around the piano in a soporific state.

I also learned that orthodox Judaism has a long-running reincarnation thread (we had some yeshiva grad lecturing us). I'm sure there's much more to be said on the topic -- probably not here though. DWA check 11793, payable to MMM.

We capped our day on Hawthorne, walking the dog and purchasing a 30th anniversary reissue of Dark Side of the Moon, on heavy vinyl, from the new music store Juke Box, replacing Goddess Gallery (an old haunt).

Happy Birthday Alexia!