Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A One Hand Clapping Sound

I thought I was hot on the trail of some denial of service attack.

Finally, someone felt offended enough to spam me at a rate of over one per second.

My email boxes were filling fast, with thousands upon thousands of spams. I phoned Qwest to complain. This was at least drama, if not trauma.

What I finally figured out is one of my auto-responders had gotten into a devil's embrace with another auto-responder, with each politely telling the other the same thing, over and over and over...

Neither had any reason to ever stop. Reminds me of diplomacy sometimes -- those stalemates from hell.

Anyway, once I shut down my own auto-responder, the "room" went silent. No more echoes.

I detect wry smiles from sysops, as in "welcome to my world" ("no, welcome to my world", "no, welcome to my world"...).