Monday, February 25, 2008

80th Academy Awards

I am like so out of sequence, though at least recognized Juno from living among fans, had taken in the cartoon about rats sometime earlier.

Now, with my ignorance admitted, let me just say I enjoyed the editing and respected the obvious, and not-so-obvious talents among those controlling my view (both in front of and behind the camera as they say -- or was it a curtain?).

The retrospectives on periscopes and binoculars, and awakenings from bad dreams, were also both much appreciated (in case other reviewers forget to take note). My thanks to Jon Stewart and company.

Today on car radio, some talking heads were talking about cutting the fat, paring it down. But hey, the Superbowl drags on for at least twice as long, doesn't it? Quit complaining why not? It's just once a year.