Monday, January 28, 2008

More Show & Tell

So I'm continuing to refine my homey Internet skills, via Skype and Youtube.

Obviously these things take practice, and by submitting my work to a general audience, I get back such useful feedback as "don't be chewing that gum!" and so on.

Plus I consider these cameos, like ol' Hitchcock saying peekaboo on camera. Like I said earlier, my role is more behind one.

Tonight was another State of the Union (SOTU) speech, a pretty relaxed affair. Like that guy said on CBS, sounds like George and Condi have something up their sleeve for the Middle East, if they think it'll really fire on both cylinders by year's end (speaking of Israel/Palestine).

Other than that, it was pretty not-lofty and straight political. I thought the Kansas governor was elegant and dignified, but I had some raucous teenagers watching with me, so I can't say I heard every word.

After the speech plus analysis, I headed off to my office for a little daily practice with my toyz.

Thanks for watching, and thanks to Naga for putting up with some man-handling (hey, circus life gets rough sometimes).