Thursday, January 17, 2008

More on G1G1

I enjoyed the interview with Michail Bletsas this morning. He too envisions XOs, other models, in Darfur.

G1G1 or Give One Get One was OLPC's marketing campaign aimed at giving the program's domestic partner a way to donate a laptop to a talented overseas counterpart with no hard currency, while getting an opportunity to snuggle with a live XO (cute).

On Synergeo, recently rejoined, I'm thanking Adrian for his excellent C++ resources, which have enabled us to pitch futuristic bookkeeping front ends to providers of gaming solutions, soon to be like Sims for grownups if all goes as planned:
As you browse through these 4D++ worlds (yeah, jargon), you become aware of motifs, themes, which may suggest company lore. My 4D Studios is even more inhouse, but has a public face on (as 4dstudios). That's another storefront for Synergetics out there, and the many ToonTown productions it inspires (John, you were asking about applications...).
I'm also advising Brawley to replicate his Tverse project (more C++ modeling) on the Linux platform:
You just find the corresponding editors, compilers, linkers and libraries and then go to town in C/C++ or C# on Mono. Lotsa fun, lotsa (eXtreme) peers, development time in general way less -- but because these are real cyclists, not wannabes (I'm a wannabe -- my C skills are piss poor, couldn't write a kernel to save my own hide).
Alexia is in a chat window.

Errands, TTFN.