Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm thinking $30 of that $50 for Paul Laffoley's talk (worth every penny) could go towards my subgenius church membership, which I see as spoofing Quaker ideas about membership (my Qv2 being the new synthesis). Maybe the subs wanna pass that $30 back to Paul in the form of added publicity for his 20th Century magic (still up to date).

Speaking of up to date, I'm all paid on parking tickets and library fines, probably OK with Hollywood Video (yes, we still use the corner store, even with Netflix). I'm somewhat behind on self employment, meaning penalties (like last year). I still owe a jury duty or two.

Tara brought up the interesting technology of "piped animals" last night, meaning you have certain species you don't want to "uncage" in a particular environment, yet don't want to deprive of high living standards, either, and so you arrange to have unobtrusive tunnel systems (ductworks) whereby these various dogs or cats might emerge within various Village family homes and pavilions, much like hamsters do today.

Anyway, I thought it was brilliant -- she'd already discovered such "cat cages" on the Internet. Think of what we could do around snakes (people will want "on" and "off" controls on their "snake faucets").

Medical bills: maybe like one outstanding, for under $200. That's quite an accomplishment and I credit DWA's rock solid design for seeing us through the worst of it. The mortgage is on schedule, though I should see about an electronic pay service for these monthly routine charges. Not enough of them have been automated. So upgrades ahead.