Monday, April 02, 2007


I just bought a kit at Freddie's, sans any software, to collate papers for tax purposes. Dawn always handled the Schedule K, so I'm scrambling to play catch up. She also ran the electronic bookkeeping, which now runs well behind the paper trail, hungry to eat it (bank statements galore). All in good time. Not trying to rush Mother Nature (since when did that do any good?).

John & Alexia made it safely back to Tennessee yesterday, with Dawn's iPod, a kind gift from Laurie, continuing in good hands. The iTunes on DLW still subscribes to dharma talk podcasts. And speaking of iPods, I also just purchased (yes, at Freddie's) a Belkin cassette adapter, for playing eTunes in Razz. The "FM bubble" solution is too often in conflict with environmental broadcasting, with the dip switches for resetting frequencies too small to be useful (some geek toy from Fry's). Tara is back in school and will get first dibs on a road test.

We're looking forward to another Memorial Service in maybe a year's time, closer to family in West Pennsylvania (a lot of it Amish country, probably with Jesus camps 'n such). Dawn loved studying the life of Jesus, from all different perspectives, women's especially. Which reminds me, time for a visit to the Gold Door, just off Hawthorne, for some fresh prayer candles.

And speaking of podcasts, I wanted to mention catching Karl Rove's hiphop performance on CBS News of March 29th -- Couric's trademark spin strongly applied. Hilarious action; good bboying ya'll, Katie's included.