Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today's Reflections

I've been thinking the evolution of Islam in the North American context may have beneficial effects "back east" as the old feuds and divides won't be reflected so strongly.

Someday, Islam on Mars may prove similarly calming, to those warring "back home" over this or that dividing line.

However, I think orbiting space hotels would be a precursor, plus a lot more undersea experience, before we might graduate to that level of being able to terraform another planet.

Let's not start counting those chickens just yet.

Back on Spaceship Earth, I'm continuing to nudge against horse and buggy K-12 mathematics, wishing it'd pick some new ruts more consistent with contemporary hopes and dreams.

Open source energy planning requires a strong concept of energy and its conservation, its caloric equivalents. Not just any energy is the right energy for a given application. Yet how many K-12ers get even the basics of AC versus DC? Yes, I know some do.

Picking up on the New Math of the 1960s, I'm seeing how a lot of it was on target, from my perspective of looking back over a long career.

But that's no reason to turn back the clock.

Onward and outward might be our Gnu Math motto, perhaps with a Quaker spin: go inward to go outward.