Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Speaking of Music...

Hey, I was just exchanging emails with Jürgen in Germany who was asking about Bucky and the cuboctahedron (dymaxion, mecon, VE whatever), and he brought up John Denver.

That got me searching in iTunes.

I purchased Denver's World Game just now, a little calypso tune I mentioned way back when at the GENI event.

I also grabbed the Buckminster Fuller track from 26 Scientists Volume One by Artichoke (each was $0.99).

Then I emailed back to Jürgen that I'd just done that, and blogged about it.

Kinda fun. Sometimes I forget we have all these cute, light-hearted technologies to play around with. More with less and all that.

Dr. Consoletti is staying in my basement again.

And speaking of dialog groups, we had a wild one at the Pauling House last night, which I won't even begin to describe.

Oh, I'm back to posting my $.02 at math-learn.