Thursday, August 11, 2005


Terry gave me the green light at our meeting this afternoon to launch I wasted no time registering the domain with Godaddy. Propagation through the DNS system seemed to happen pretty quickly.

I notice Bob Parsons, the CEO of Godaddy, links to his personal blog from the top of the Godaddy home page.

His posting of today is about overcoming the Universal Human Phobia against committing violence against other humans. He's glad firefighters, police, and emergency workers train to overcome this phobia to protect his way of life. Without such warriors, trained in the latest violent techniques, his lifestyle wouldn't last more than a year.

He ends with a link to a music video celebrating the attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah. "During combat, there is no music" he writes, which isn't always true. Many soldiers wear mini-headphones and/or pipe their tunes through the speaker systems which modern weaponry provides.