Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wanderers 2005.8.30

Bob McGown is giving a thorough overview of our search for ET tech (might not involve any communications). Lots of impromptu discussion. We've found quite a few planets outside our solar system by this time.

We're taping to Hi-8 and I'm hoping a streaming video site will enable us to asynchronously serve excerpts (synchronously too). We could do audio with podcasts (the new iTunes makes it easy).

Given our line up, a growing on-line archive makes some sense. OPB has its eye on doing a Doug Strain interview with broadcast-quality equipment. But given the relatively lower bandwidth of most Internet circuits, consumer camcorder feed is sufficient for our purposes (at least we use a tripod). We've booked Doug for September 6.

Terry thinks the Institute of Noetic Sciences is on a good trajectory. Allen Taylor likes what the Acceleration Studies Foundation is up to. My wwwanderers.org web site is expected to keep morphing c/o wandering web wranglers.