Saturday, May 21, 2005

Gardening Again

Statue of Mary + Tibetan prayer flags

Today was about buying a bark mixture at Portland Nursery, and spreading it in a circle, with a statue on a pedastal at a focus, having exhumed gross pounds of earth and transported them by wheel barrow to another part of the garden. The bark mixture went over weed barrier (cardboard boxes, unfolded and shaped), and finally an assortment of rock discs of different thickness, some carved or with inlay work (nothing too fancy). I wore boots. The earth was damp and clay-like, given recent rains.

I'm also in the midst of a plumbing job, puzzling over this ancient bathroom sink, with embedded fixtures -- very strange fixtures. I tell people it's like playing Uru.

My birthday is recently behind me. Great day, with friends and family celebrating in various ways. I had some good fish at a Jamaican place near I-405, after some hours on the boat. Michael showed us Giant Steps by Michal Levy on Matt's new Apple computer. I posted a link to that animated art, with sound by John Coltrane, to math-teach, earlier this morning.

On Friday I had lunch with my uncle Lightfoot, a son of Elsie, sister of my father's mother Esther Person. Bill, Bo, Eddy, Howard, and Eve were Elsie's kids. These families lived around Mercer Island early on, in Greater Seattle. I'm doing a web site for Bill. He's done a lot of good research about a little-known chapter in Pacific Northwest history: a period of supplying the world's navies with a lot of submarines, pre and during WWI.

Dawn's slide show about her trip the evening before went very well. We borrowed the ISEPP projector from Terry, and used the edited set, put together to tell some great stories. Dawn and I consulted Cirlot's Dictionary of Symbols to help pull this together, what with Cosmic Fish, Fisher King, and just plain Fishing all so close together like that. Dawn learned a great deal on her trip to the UK and discovered it to be a deeply healing experience.

I projected Levy's Giant Steps from the wireless laptop (which also held the slide show), as "the cartoon before the main feature." And at the end, just before the battery died (fewer cords to contend with), I projected some of my hypertoon (written in Python + VPython).