Thursday, September 30, 2004

Prototyping with Reality TV

From: Rough Ride won't stop next X Prize shot by Maggie McKee, 30 Sept 2004,

The flight is a landmark even though it is just the first of two required to win the Ansari X Prize. "If you look at it in terms of opening the door to a new era of commercial human spaceflight, you have already succeeded," said George Nield, an official at the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Indeed, officials mentioned plans for future spaceflight prizes - possibly with their own reality TV shows - after the X Prize is won.


It's that last paragraph that gets my attention. Here we have the model: prototyping, sponsors, and reality TV. This is what I anticipate for design science projects more generally, including in the area of prototypical housing units, ala Fuller's Fly's Eye Dome and so forth.