Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bed Fight

My heart thumper tonight was about holding up the top half of a bed enough to click a replacement hand controller into the box.  Next time I'll ask someone to help hold that up, as if that would do any good.  It did this time, but will it again?

I'm talking about our one remote controlled bed in the assisted care room.  The Blue House is not wheel chair accessible, however Carol has proved she's able to do the stairs it takes to stay mobile.  We're planning an outing this week.

Anyway, she has this bed she can set in position, but I'm sure it must be wearing out, like a lot of stuff around here.  The fossil fuel furnace was great in its age.  That guy's golden age was past even before we got here.  Amazingly, it's still usable.

I dove into the history of Kashmir this evening on Youtube, a long story and I'm not even half way into it.  I've been in the area on foot, my family migrating, one could say as tourists.  Do people still tour in a civilian capacity?  I'm sure they must.  I've been touring in North America, with two loops from St. Louis to St. Louis by way of Richmond (Indiana).  See previous blog posts.

Like I wrote about in a recent Medium article, if you're into doing research, the tools are great, but then it's hard to afford all R&D.

Speaking of which, regarding the Human Calculator proposal and all that (talking about a calendar invented by a TV personality), I'm looking at more of that on Facebook these days, and not a lot.  The indig stuff is great for learning Python i.e. adding digits of an int means turning it into a string, then a list, converting, summing.  All doable in one line of code basically but still a lot to think about.

I should put some hyperlinks in here.

Followup:  the HTC was my flashlight under there and I left it there when I crawled out.  Google is much better at knowing where my phone is, and how to alert me.  We can talk about the Matrix later.