Friday, January 27, 2017

Waging Peace

Board Member (mama Carol)

Carol Urner, my mom, rebooted her life in the year 2000, after the car crash that was fatal to my dad.

She recovered under the care of Bloemfontein physicians, myself and my sister, and continued her work as an international WILPF activist.

She is very grateful for her body and how it has kept her physically with us all this time, through thick and thin. At 87, she knows most of the sand is in the bottom part. I'm treasuring every grain.

Carol works on the Ban Treaty a lot. That's an international movement to outright criminalize nuclear WMDs, which psychologically has already happened. It'd be good to get it in writing of course.

Carol's cheerful courage over a lifetime of risk taking has been an example to the world, and of course to me.