Monday, June 20, 2016

Gathering Steam

Aperiodic Tiling in Islamic Art

I'm at the Monday night Flying Circus at @PDXcodeguild, working on my capstone.  I always have at least one captsone handy, to work on.

Joe on MathFuture sent me this article from Saudi Aramco World, September/October 2009, The Tiles of Infinity by Sebastian R. Prange.  I may have heard about this article at the Mosaic event at PSU, rings a bell.

Today is the longest day of the year, in the northern hemisphere, the Solstice.

Mom saw the advert in the Multnomah Meeting newsletter:  John Taylor was looking for a base of operations in Portland, during his visit from Jakarta.

Having cleared out a guest room in preparation for Henrique, from Brazil, coming for Pycon, I offered that space.  However, according to Joyce Zerwekh he's already found a solution.  Good news then; the advert was no longer relevant.

Don of Wanderers had mentioned John was looking for a place, but I assumed he meant a permanent residence.  I'm far from being a realtor so had nothing to suggest on that score, however temporary living quarters I was able to offer.

Margaux published her interview of PDX Code Guild CEO Sheri Dover to the CERM newsletter, where I've also published a few articles over the last few months.

The magazine cover below jumped out at me this Sunday, as the labyrinth motif is a kind of theme over here.  The "ghost church" has a smaller one (five circuit I think). We've got several others in then neighborhood, and Dawn would teach kids how to draw them with chalk.

Labyrinth Issue