Thursday, December 17, 2015


Two of the inventors I'm tracking are producing new Youtubes these days.

Buzz Hill talks a little slowly, as he bounces back from a stroke. He's inspired by Google Cardboard, a box for enjoying the experience of stereoscopy right off a cell phone.

As an expert in retinal scanning for bio-recognition software (like finger-print recognition), Buzz is excited by the possibility of combining the two ideas.

An affordable self-identifier could come in handy in a variety of applications.   He's busy putting his ideas in the public domain to protect them from patent trolls.  He's branding around '4yeo' (for your eyes only).

Gerald de Jong has been on my radar for a long time as the inventor of Elastic Interval Geometry, a software-based form of exploration involving self-animating characters motivated by the dynamics of changing compression-tension along their elastic members.

In robotics, the idea of "muscle wires" (e.g. Mondotronics by Gilbertson) is germane.

However given the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), purely mathematical renderings become feasible.  Gerald has recently turned his attention back to Tensegrity, the concept that helped inspire EIG in the first place.