Monday, December 16, 2013

The Desolation of Smaug (movie review)

I've gotten over my initial prejudice and narrative, poking fun at how this blew up into three, with a lot of foot dragging by the original Lord of the Rings director, who had planned originally not to make any of them.  In fact, I'm not against lots more tellings of this story in various styles and am intrigued by what I've read of where other directors might have taken it.

I was in a sparsely attended Monday night audience for a 3DH performance, meaning the double frame rate, like last time.  I had the curious sensation that I was watching really good quality television, and my rational lobe tells me that's because TV is higher frame rate than the movie industry's 24, i.e. 24 < 30 < 48.

Although that sounds sensible (some people call their smart phone a "third lobe" -- or was that their tablet?) I'm no expert, and maybe MPEG obsoletes the whole notion of frame rate to some degree?  It's not like there's a raster beam, or is there?  The details have gotten murky, post CRT.  Companies are not as interested in junior having a clue.  Bruce Adams has shared that worry, that we're too closed with what we know, to the jeopardy of civilization itself.  It doesn't pay to be smug about everything you know.

Back to the movie:  I'm glad they got to play with the dragon that long, really stretch it out in those caverns.  Having the luxury of more time is like TV also.  They get whole seasons for character development.

I agree with Tara that the she-elf reminds of the Lost woman -- you're right Tara, she is.

I'm glad this is all shot and in the can as they say.  Really smart, all you people.  You get my High IQ award, which I've never given before and may never again.  I thought I invented DENSA (for recovering Mensaholics, but then Wikipedia doesn't even mention me).  Really epic you guys.  And fun.  I think I'll leave it at that.