Friday, October 16, 2009

Kick Off

I went into this event a skeptic for some reason, but Andrew Weil is just telling us what he knows, being as honest and direct as we'd expect from a medical doctor. I came away more of a fan.

Weil thinks we should disallow direct advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals to consumers. Very few countries allow that (New Zealand another sucker). He also worries about the lifestyle we're exporting, a killer by all accounts. If you want to stay healthy, learn to cook and get off those drugs maybe (it's complicated, but be aware how many stand to profit from your addictions).

Basically, he's all about prevention. The USA is bankrupting itself because people wait until they have a disease before thinking about health issues. They're lured into this by corporate media, which are all about cruelly destroying human lives whenever possible, provided this proves a money-making strategy.

He taught us a breathing exercise. Stress management, prevention, is the way to cut health care costs, not manic consumerism ala fast food nation.

I need to do device checks more often as I'm missing my digital camera and can't recall when it might have gone its separate way. I took the bus downtown...

After the lecture, we retreated to The Heathman for the traditional repast and more questions. Both were good. I wasn't clear I could go to this but Terry reminded me I'm on the board.

I invited Tag and we sat with Nirel and her good friend Flo, some other cool characters. We had good conversation and I left Tag to chauffeur Nirel to a dance club where Nirel was to meet her daughter.

I phoned the Market Street Pub about maybe finding a camera. No dice. Sorry fans, no Photostream for the time being. Followup: oh (slaps forehead), here it is. Lucky day again.