Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Glenn stopped in, looking to transport a 50 lbs bag of contractor sand, for adding friction to ice-covered sidewalks, a service to pedestrians. We got the last two in stock from Ace Hardware (formerly Division Hardware), more on order.

I mentioned in the LPH parking lot having made headway with my CSN project, Glenn having noticed the For Sale sign on the 39th/Lincoln building, the birth place of Fine Grind Productions.

I've just posted something to PPUG, summarizing where I'm at: ready to plant a Subversion tree (svn) and showcase a demo ordering screen.

Pyrite Dodecahedron
Glenn came by earlier with the beautiful pyrite dodecahedron depicted above, "one of mom's" (mother nature's), i.e. not made by human hands. Pyrite also makes fossils sometimes (called pyritisation) -- versatile stuff, this "fool's gold" (good for fooling).

Having a lot of "geometry of nature" in the picture is part of our branding strategy, with a link to wholesome foods, such as Portland coffee shops are already known for (really they're bakeries, as much as coffee shops -- quite an evolved culture, a good place to begin (also LA, Seattle...)).