Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wanderers 2008.1.8

We have a packed house tonight, with Glenn Stockton speaking about Synchronicity, part 2 in our Opportunity series (I missed the first one).

Glenn began with a history of the concept in the West, which traces to Jesuits in Portugal and France bringing home news of the I Ching from the East to which Leibniz was subsequently introduced.

The eight 3-bit strings, or trigrams, pair up in a matrix of 64 permutations, which are consulted by oracles, shamans, truth speakers, housewives, hardhats or whatever.

Glenn brought along a lot of books to show and tell about.

The I Ching Workbook by Wing looks like something put out by the Dharma Initiative.

David Peat's reminds me of when David came to Wanderers to discuss his Blackfoot Physics.

C. G. Jung's is about explorations undertaken with Wolfgang Pauli and others.

The discussion was lively, the wine plentiful. Glenn's repartee was just light enough to keep us moving and on topic.

I kept having flashbacks to Jersey City and my time with Ray and Bonnie Simon, later baby Julie, for whom I was a babysitter (I'd quit high school teaching by then, to work on a startup).

Ray is/was a huge synchronicity buff, had techniques for encouraging its workings in his life, some of which he tried to teach me.

I was happy to provide transportation to Eve Menger for this one.