Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to School Night

I showed up in the auditorium with an OSCON bag full of math toys tonight: flippy ball, MITEs cube, hexapent... eyeglasses, iPod.

But the spotlight wasn't on me, so hardly anyone noticed (OK, one teacher did).

No, tonight was about the curriculum, with each teacher giving an overview: biology, social studies, algebra, writing, mathematics.

I was especially impressed by the writing teacher: very well spoken and poised.

I signed up for a parent, teacher, student conference and then Tara and I left. Gym time for me, while Tara tuned in the season premier of Gray's Anatomy (lots of close ups on facial expressions). Rose was by this afternoon.

Cousin Mary, a real ER doc, likes to talk about when the ER crew came to her Chicago hospital for a dose of reality. By all indications, the dose was pretty light -- enough for ambiance at least.

The hospital: a time-honored background for soap operas. And I'm a star in my very own, with some board meeting in the morning (yep, in a hospital).