Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Morning

So I've been taking in Buckminster Fuller: The Lost Interviews, two discs from Netflix. A common thread is Bucky appreciates the more "spelled out" nature of naval service, and although resigned as a line officer in the USN, continues to monitor naval affairs well into a 21st Century mindset (he died in 1983).

Not sure I'd call 'em Lost, as videohounds like me may have caught one or two of 'em. But it is fringe UFO TV kinda stuff, like Coast-to-Coast (C2C), a Sunanda hangout.

CBS News was fun last night, with President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf saying "bullshit" and getting bleeped by Lara. I was lucky enough to catch some of Musharraf's performance on Comedy Central that time he was doing a quick road tour in the USA recently.

I showed some of the first lost interview to Wanderer Glenn Stockton yesterday, as we sipped beers in my livingroom. Sarah was eager for attention, per usual but we made her "go lie down" (Sarah's my dog).