Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Mathcasting

Since my early postings to this blog, I've advertised a "geek channel" brand of television (CNET would qualify), or perhaps only one show, like Survivor. Interpolated with live action footage, would be these mathcasts or animations, explicating key concepts. I'm following the Sesame Street model, where "live action" might mean puppets, like Bert & Ernie.

Not having access to expensive production facilities, I've done more writing than actual track editing vis-a-vis the above proposal. However, with the upgrade to KTU3, a computer that pretty much works for a change, I now have some ability to prototype actual mathcasts, and this is what I've been doing, with my Python for Math Teachers series (today's was about RSA).

Where I'm going with this is towards a meet-up with the "this old house" and/or "revamping a motorcycle" shop shows, wherein skilled show offs make it look easy. Cooking shows similar. Except I want to be showcasing kinds of dwelling machine, alternatives to cubicles, alternatives to hurricane fodder. I've filed about this under the heading of "DynaBook meets DynaDome" -- a kind of retro way of casting it.

The goal is to recruit celebs into screenplays that show brands in a good light, doing good works. The "geek channel" heritage will permit these cutaways to background materials, lots of animations. Music videos also cultivate this mix.