Monday, March 13, 2006

Office Chatter

Office chatter, sometimes known as cube-speak (or qube-speak), involves banter about office products, breaks and glitches, fixes and workarounds. Like just today, we seriously jammed the paper feeder of our Brother MFC-8820D. Clearly, that feature will never work again. Not having much time on break, I simply ordered up a factory remade one, all parts working.

The convenience of just needing a few mouse clicks far outweighed any savings I'd gain doing serious driving, say out to Fry's, or even to Office Depot on MLK. In a few days, it'll be delivered. In the meantime, we'll put up with no paper feeder.

This thing prints double-sided, one of its most endearing features, given the paper pulp this saves.

I'm in limbo on video equipment, as it could be my talent is more in storyboarding. I've got good ideas for commercials. I'm not about to remake myself into an expensive studio overnight. Much easier is the hired gun role -- learn the ropes, while sharing relevant outdoor skills.

Like, at this Men's Group I was just in, we went walking up a trail to a vista point. I volunteered that if we got lost and needed food, I could shoot us a monkey. You had to be there (rural Oregon) to get the joke I guess.

I did phone my wife, out with my daughter in a coffee shop, to have a quick business meeting about the purchase. She was against it, so I volunteered funding from a small budget off to the side, which I control. This amused her, but she also wants to see the retiring printer put to worthy use, as it has some years left in it, even minus a working paper feeder. I agree with her thinking.